ForestRe: Forestry insurance


The ForestRe team provide specialist services for the forestry industry including independent forestry owners, commercial forest enterprises, saw log producers, timber merchants, real estate investment trusts, timber investment/forest management organisations, alternative investment management companies, and regional forest owners associations.

Our products are designed to meet the needs of clients ranging from small growers to international corporations.


Plantation product

  • Coverage can be tailored to suit each client.
  • Standard fire product is FLEXA (fire, lightning, explosion and aircraft).
  • Windstorm includes hurricanes, typhoons, tropical storms and tornados.
  • Timber or industrial tree plantations is at an agreed value per hectare.


Perils covered

  • fire
  • windstorm
  • hail
  • frost
  • rainfall deficiency
  • flood
  • snow and ice storm
  • malicious damage


  • tsunami
  • subterranean fire
  • pests and disease


Value at risk product

  • pre-agreed salvage rates
  • insure only the value of the timber that cannot be recovered
  • lower premiums
  • salvage belongs to insured


Additional optional coverage

  • fire fighting costs
  • debris removal costs
  • aerial photography costs
  • claims preparation costs
  • re-establishment costs
  • plantation infrastructure

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