The Globe Forestry team writes both insurance and reinsurance on a worldwide basis, utilising both Lloyd’s and traditional reinsurance capacity. The team has successfully developed tailored products for a variety of client groups, ranging from small growers to multinational TIMOs and is able to offer both indemnity and parametric coverage across the globe.


  • Insurance and de-risking investment within the forestry sector and their communities.
  • Enabling forest-investors to optimize climate, water and biodiversity benefits on a global scale across the Earth’s most valuable resource.


  • Global reach, insuring in 30 countries and six continents.
  • The foremost experienced forestry insurance team, globally the most experienced forestry underwriters.
  • Forest managers and their investors awareness of risk profiles.
  • Creating risk awareness for international brokers, Reinsurers, timberland owners and investors.


  • Up to $20m per risk depending on appetite.
  • Combination of Lloyd’s and company market capacity.

Forestry insurance in the USA

Target market

  • Independent forestry owners.
  • Commercial forest enterprises (pulp and paper manufacturers).
  • Saw log producers and timber merchants.
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).
  • Timber Investment Management Organisations (TIMOs).
  • Forest Management Organisations (FMOs).
  • Alternative investment management companies.
  • Regional forest owners Associations.
  • Afforestation & Reforestation Projects.
  • Carbon Credit Investments into Forestry.


  • Insuring globally since 2008.
  • Insured values ranging from $0.5m–$2bn+.
  • Capacity available for both fire and windstorm.
  • Both burn scar and indemnity available for fire.
  • Wind capacity is worldwide and includes hurricane coverage.
  • Insured limits available up to $20m depending on location and reinsurer’s aggregation.
  • Insured limits available up to $20m depending on location and reinsurer’s aggregation.

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